Vertiport | Aberdeen Scotland

Vertiport | Aberdeen Scotland

This is all about sustainability of urban mass mobility system in modern day Cities.

The conventional Urban mobility system have posed major challenges to cities like London, New York, Tokyo, among others and have created more health and environmental hazards coupled with huge amount of time lost to 2D road traffic delays.

Note, more than 60% of world CO2 emissions come from these vehicles which could be easily resolved by alternatively using 3D-trip urban movement means in the cities and other ecological domains in respect to nature preservation and human wellbeing.

Above all, with this in mind the design team came up with a concept of using flying bird in the air and Fan-blade like framework to derive my elevation views and floor areas, to create a functional urban infrastructural facility that could cater for the landing and take-off of these new human passenger UAM vehicles, which are more energy and sound efficient, faster, safer, and better compared to usual standard vehicles.

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