About us

About Us

With the latest design tools at our disposal, innovative architectural strategy, and a wealth of knowledge gained from experience and research, GODENCY-AMG IS well able to provide our clients with a thorough, effective and efficient service.

We provide a comprehensive scale of architectural drawings (both 2D &3D) for all types of designs

  • Buildings
  • Extensions
  • Loft conversions
  • New constructions
  • Space and workplace design
  • Sustainable design.

On your behalf, we submit planning and building control applications and provide advice on structural calculations, water authority suppliers, and party & curtain wall services.

Our Vision

At GODENY-AMG, our goal is to make your plans a reality and transformational to give you best of luxury while assisting you in making a positive impact on the UK’s net zero targets.

By producing designs that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

By employing advancement in design, material and construction techniques for optimisation of your building to increase efficiency and sustainability as well significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions.